Nisamo Oy is a workshop that specializes in machining with machining centres and boring mills. Our core expertise covers demanding machine components such as various kinds of mechanized phases of use, demanding components for wind turbine transmission equipment, components for diesel motors and electric motor frames. Manufacturing demanding components for the Cern particle accelerator (a 3½-year project) truly taught our team the meaning of quality and documentation.

We also naturally provide ordinary machining and carry out capacity subcontracting. As specialized machining experts, we operate according to certified quality standards. The quality of our productions is controlled according to certificates ISO 9001 and ISO 14001. We use measuring instruments to measure our machined components as required and supply documentation with the deliveries if necessary.

During 2012, we have gradually introduced more advanced pre-setting for manufacturing, including CAM programming for all our CNC machines, pre-mounting of workpieces on pallets and tooling preparation. This allows us to increase the utilization rate of the machines and improve efficiency from the start of the machining process.

Our facilities cover 5,000 m2 in Lempäälä. All our machines are table-type machining centres and boring mills, 12 machines in all. The maximum piece weight for a machine is 12 tonnes, maximum axis travels are X=3500 mm, Y=2500 mm, and the maximum dimensions for the measuring instruments are X=2470 mm, Y=1800 mm, Z=1200 mm.

At the moment, we employ over 30 people.