Happy New Year – Let’s Think Positively

Sometimes it is good to repeat what you are taught at school, because they can play a role at a later stage. This is a good time to think about as the new year begins and a new budget season with challenges is ahead.

The communication is interaction and this action can be comparable to electronic science. The interaction can be positive, negative, or neutral. The following will open the matter with information obtained from Wikipedia and general information from web pages (reference from a Finnish Communications Company).

Electric Charge

Electric Field is around the system of positive and negative point charges.

Electric Charge is the property of a substance or particle that expresses how strongly the object interacts with the electric field. The electrical charge can be either “positive” or “negative”. You might think the positive ions are stronger. Positively charged ions push other positively charged ions, but they attract negatively charged ions – negatively charged ions act in the same way.

The electric charge is a basic characteristic of some elementary particles, which describes how strongly the particles interact with the electromagnetic field. The electricity is subject to the general law of conservation.

Happiness and finding a good life are interesting. Challenges of everyday life reduce well-being and meaning – there are many obstacles to positive change in everyday life.

The positive thinking develops strengths, leading to better results than weaknesses at the origin of a change. The positive thinking leads to human well-being, meaningfulness in life, and positive consideration for others. A positive change is possible.

How do we get started? Smile – A powerful prize. A single smiling expression will make you feel better, live longer and bring pleasure.

Share this pleasure especially this year!


Tampereen Konepajat Oy

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