Riikonen Group

Riikonen Group is a flexible supplier of system delivery contract manufacturing


Based on our over 35-year experience, trust and long-term customer relationships have emerged with the leading international equipment manufacturers in the engineering works industry.

Development Targets

A Finnish engineering work company can only succeed through the development of continuous competitiveness. Therefore, increasing the automation of the machine fleet, training and the project management of large-scale deliveries are at the heart of continuous development and investment in Riikonen Group.


Riikonen Group is a sub-contracting equipment supplier for the metal industry that offers system deliveries including welding, machining and cutting production, surface treatment and related mechanical and electrical assembly services to its customers. Riikonen Group serves its customers by providing sub-assemblies and assemblies as pre-installed devices.


Our staff of over 100 people with diverse and high-skilled professionalism is our main resource. Therefore, the continuous development of professional skills, work satisfaction and safety is key to our operations.

Production facilities

As a whole we have 16,000 square meters of modern production facilities in Kihniö and Ylöjärvi.


The maximum gauge of our welding robots is 14 m. For quality assurance we have 2 measuring machines. The maximum weight of assembly components can be up to 40 tons.

Proactive Production

We have developed our system deliveries on the way, that we can deliver them under one week lead time according to made agreement.

Riikonen Group Oy

UnitRiikonen Kihniö
FunctionWelded steel structures
Area4000 m2

  • Welded and machined steel structures, assembly
  • Robot welding
  • Maximum lifting capacity 16 tons

UnitRiikonen Ylöjärvi
Area12000 m2

  • Full line assembly projects
    • Project management
    • Procurement
    • Manual installation
    • Electrical assembly
    • Hydraulics and pneumatics assembly
    • Packaging, containerisation and transport
    • On-site assembly
  • Maximum lifting capacity 40 tons