Quality is considerable part of Tampereen Konepajat business strategy. As an indication the operations are guided by international quality standards, thanks to which we can guarantee high quality products and deliveries with highest safety and environmental protection.



The parent company Tampereen Konepajat was founded in 2011

  • The roots of group companies are extended to 60’s and 70’s. The peat machine production was started in the middle of 40’s.
  • Lehti Group was founded, when Marjamäki and Autio engineering works shops were acquired in 2006.
  • Riikonen Group joined to Tampereen Konepajat in 2011. Riikonen Group started its operations at Kihnio in 1982.
  • Peatmax was established in 2013, when Peatmax took over peat machine production of Vapo in Finland and Estonia.
  • The majority shares of Metallipalvelu Hartikainen (MPH) was acquired in 2016.
  • Geomachine joined to Tampereen Konepajat in 2019.
  • The majority shares of ProSilva was acquired in 2019.
  • The entire shares of Lehti Group Oy was sold to Mincon Nordic Oy in 2020.

Parent Company

Tampereen Konepajat production facilities are located in the Tampere region, Southern Ostrobothnia, Middle- and East-Finland, South Finland , and also in Estonia.

  • Total over 200 employees
  • 40 M€ annual turnover
  • Group companies: Riikonen Group, Peatmax, Metallipalvelu Hartikainen (MPH), Geomachine and ProSilva.
  • Riikonen Group system deliveries (service), Metallipalvelu Hartikainen (MPH) agricultural equipment (products) and steel structures (service),  Peatmax peat machines (products), Geomachine drilling rigs and equipment (products) and ProSilva forestry machines (products).

Business Units


EN1090 Load Bearing Steel Structures

System Deliveries


Peat Machines

Agricultural Equipment

Drilling Rigs and Equipment

Forestry Machines

Locations in Finland, 6 factories, 40 000 m2