We work remotely – Tampereen Konepajat Oy

Tampereen Konepajat Oy is a corporation with factories in many locations. Work can be handled remotely when tools are appropriate. The following describes the remote work of Tampereen Konepajat Oy’s safety, environment and quality manager, Ari Lumppio. “Every day is different, most of the tasks are handled at the Ylöjärvi office,” says Ari. The factory […]

Riikonen Group – New Investments for Production

Riikonen Group has invested in production equipment and acquired new Yaskawa/Motoman welding robot station. In addition, Baykal press brake has been purchased for the Kihniö unit. The acquired machines have been in use for some time, so the machines are already very familiar. Improved material pre-treatment and modernized welding will upgrade the quality of our […]

Lehti Group Oy, a subsidiary of Tampereen Konepajat Oy, has been acquired to Mincon Nordic Oy on January 15, 2020

Press-Release-TKP-LG-Mincon-20012020-1 Tampereen Konepajat Oy has sold all the shares of Lehti Group Oy to Mincon Nordic Oy. As a result of the acquisition, Lehti Group Oy and Mincon Nordic Oy form together the world’s leading supplier of demanding casing drilling systems. In addition to that, Lehti Group Oy continues also providing high quality machining services […]